Ultra Thin Client Technology
Absolute security, no BIOS, no OS, no file management

European Thin Client manufacturer

General loan conditions

Axel company provides loan equipment free of charge. This with a view to the evaluation and certification of its products.

Conditions for obtaining the loan
A loan request can only be issued in the name of a company. The Axel company reserves the right to accept or refuse the loan request.

Term of the loan
The equipment is loaned for a period of two weeks.
The duration of this loan may be extended upon request (by telephone or email) from the Borrower.

Shipping coast
Shipping and return costs are supported by Borrower.

Return of material
Return costs are the responsibility of the Borrower.
The equipment must be returned to us in its original packaging.
The delivery address is noted on the delivery note.

Equipment evaluation
During the term of the loan, our technical support service can be contacted free of charge (by telephone or email) for any installation or implementation problems.
For ease of implementation, accessories (adaptors, etc.) are delivered with the loaner equipment. But for subsequent orders some of these optional accessories are chargeable (see price).

Conservation of material
The evaluation unit is new equipment. It can therefore be kept at the price indicated in the Axel catalog on the borrowing date.
The invoice is issued either directly to the Borrower (if it meets the general conditions of sale of the Axel company) otherwise to the Borrower's reseller.

French headquarter :
 Z.A. Courtaboeuf - 14 Avenue du Québec - Bat KENTIA - BP 728 - 91962 Les ULIS Cedex
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