Ultra Thin Client Technology
Absolute security, no BIOS, no OS, no file management

European Thin Client manufacturer

Technical Documentation

User's Manual G10-G15

Setting-up under Windows (TSE/RDS, Citrix & View), Unix/Linux (character-based or VNC sessions), OS/400, OS/390.

Installation Guide G10

Installation Guides G10

Installation Guide G15

Installation Guide G15

AxRM V4 User's Guide

Summary: installing and using AxRM

Legacy Documentations

Find here the documentation related to old firmware versions 1945, 1626, 9832, 9701, etc.
As well as the Installation Guides for M95, M90, M85, M80, M75, M70 etc.

French headquarter :
 Z.A. Courtaboeuf - 14 Avenue du Québec - Bat KENTIA - BP 728 - 91962 Les ULIS Cedex
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