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FAQ - Using the Thin Client

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about using the AXEL thin client (Setup, Info, etc.)

Entering the AX3000 Set-Up

Two possible cases depending on the AX3000 firmware revision.

Current firmware version:
Use the following keystroke combination to enter the interactive set-up: [Ctrl] [Alt] [Echap].
Note : for AS/400 keyboard (122 keys) press [Rest] [Alt] [Config].

Versions earlier than 9832e:
Set-up is in two parts.
le set-up TERMINAL ne modifie que la session en cours et n'est accessible que lorsque que cette session est connectée sur un serveur.

- Terminal set-up: press [Ctrl] [Alt] [*] (* numeric keypad) to enter the current session configuration.
- TCP/IP set-up: press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Echap] to enter the TCP/IP configuration.

French headquarter :
 Z.A. Courtaboeuf - 14 Avenue du Québec - Bat KENTIA - BP 728 - 91962 Les ULIS Cedex
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