Ultra Thin Client Technology
Absolute security, no BIOS, no OS, no file management

European Thin Client manufacturer

The Ultra Thin Client Technology

Utra Thin Client technology is a concept invented by AXEL which allows us to offer you unique products, with optimal security, reliable and monitored over time.

Ultra Thin Client technology is:

  • A fully controlled development. 
    • Development of electronic cards by our teams in order to meet the needs of a thin client as closely as possible.
    • Internal development of firmware, operating software in assembler and C.
    • Axel firmware works directly with the hardware without external APIs or other BIOS-type layers etc.
  • Controlled, local manufacturing.
    • Supply of all electronic components by AXEL to certify the provenance.
    • Close partnership with our PCB manufacturing subcontractor (bare boards) located in France.
    • Close collaboration with our French subcontractor for mounting components on PCB.
    • Assembly and final tests entirely carried out in our workshops in France.
  • Centralized maintenance and support.
    • After-sales service directly made in France on our manufacturing site.
    • We strive to repair broken products, which allows us very precise and regular monitoring of our production.
    • Free direct technical support with the manufacturer for resellers.
  • A product with major advantages
    • Very low consumption
    • No BIOS
    • No Operating System
    • No file or user management
    • Simplicity and speed of administration
    • Very fast boot.
    • Total control of the product by the administrator.
    • Invulnerability to all attacks and viruses.
French headquarter :
 Z.A. Courtaboeuf - 14 Avenue du Québec - Bat KENTIA - BP 728 - 91962 Les ULIS Cedex
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