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Axel TTY Server (AxTTY)

This utility allows a fixed tty to be associated with the terminal’s auxiliary ports and screen sessions. This feature can be used to control any peripheral through a fixed Unix/Linux tty (Simulates multi I/O board over Ethernet).

Certified systems: HP-UX 11, Linux (main distributions), SCO OpenServer, UnixWare 7.11...

Installation Notes
  Installation: extract files from axtty.tar. Copy the proper binary as /etc/axttyd and set execute permission (chmod +x /etc/axttyd). The file /etc/axfile lists 'Axel resources / tty' associations. For more information, see the Axel User's Manual

Using: run '/etc/axttyd &'. The axttyd daemon can be automatically run by using:
   - S91axtty (for Generic Linux) 
   - S91axttyRH (for Linux Red Hat) 
   - S91axel (for Unix).

  Download Axttyd: Click Here
Size: 220 Kb (tar file)
Version: 1.5e