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Graphics VNC Terminal

                                 AX3000 models 65 and 65E


The Lowest Priced Solution for Thin Client Computing

Graphics VNC Sessions
Web browser, email, graphics applications…

Telnet Text Sessions
Text-based emulations: ANSI, VT, WY60/120, IBM 5250

Embedded Multi-Port Server
3 auxiliary ports (1 parallel and 2 serial)
               Print Server (lpd, rcmd), remote tty server and telnet server



AX3000 Model 65

The Axel-VNCviewer provides centrally managed Ethernet TCP/IP access to any graphics application (web browser, email, Java, ASP, word processing…) running on one or more Unix or Linux servers.
The Axel-VNCviewer is the lowest priced solution for thin-client computing.

The VNC Architecture
VNC is a combination of server software and a communication protocol allowing LAN connection with a thin client, called a "viewer".

VNC Server Software   VNC Client
GNU software (open source) is supplied for Unix (SCO, OpenServer, Unixware 7, AIX…) and Linux (Red Hat, Caldera, Suse, Mandrake…) operating systems. The VNC client function is integrated into the electronics of the Axel-VNCviewer terminal.
There is no embedded or downloaded operating system.

Axel-VNCviewer Terminal

Axel-VNCviewer Terminal
AX3000 Models 65 & 65E

- Interface: Ethernet 10BaseT (RJ45)
- Mouse: PS/2 or serial
- Graphics: 800x600 or 1024x768,
256 colours
- SVGA monitor and PS/2 keyboard

Low power custom electronics
No fan, very high reliability
  No embedded or downloaded intelligence in the terminal (ie no O/S, browser, JVM, application…)
- Software distribution and upgrades totally managed on the server
- Zero-administration graphics terminal
Delivers server performance to all terminals
Versatile access to applications
In the event of terminal disconnection, a user can resume their application from any Axel-VNCviewer at exactly the same place where the original session left off.
Access security can be activated by VNC authentication (password requested by the terminal before connection).
  4 concurrent and independent graphics and text sessions
The Axel-VNCviewer allows 4 concurrent sessions, either graphics or telnet text on one or more Unix and Linux servers.
Text emulations developped by Axel are available either as standard or as downloadable options:
- Unix colour ANSI console: SCO, AIX, Linux..
- VT220, Wyse 60/120, TVI950, Qume, 3151...
- IBM 5250

Remote Administration
Static or Dynamic IP address (DHCP option)
  Flash memory, terminal firmware is downloadable via the network. (BOOTP and TFTP)
Remote terminal configuration over LAN or WAN (remote set-up)

Embedded Server for Printers and Peripherals
- 3 auxiliary ports (2 serial and 1 parallel). A wide range of peripherals can be connected (mouse, barcode reader, printer, automation equipments, badge readers, touch screen…).
- Each of these ports can be accessed through specific network services depending on the type of device connected:
LPD: printers
  telnet: serial terminals
tty: developped by Axel, allows a fixed tty to be associated with the Axel-VNCviewer's auxiliary port or telnet sessions. This feature can be used to control any peripheral through a Unix tty (ie simulates a multi I/O serial controller).

Technical Specification

  AX3000 Model 65 AX3000 Model 65E
Connection RJ45 - 10BaseT RJ45 - 10BaseT
Resolution 800x600 and 1024x768 800x600 and 1024x768
Number of colours 256 256
Parallel port 1 1
Serial ports 2 2
Mouse PS/2 or serial 2-button PS/2 or serial 2-button
Power  Internal - 110/240 Volts
External - 240 Volts
UK or Europe wall outlet external power transformer
Mains power outlet for monitor  Yes ---
Consumption (without monitor and keyboard)  8 Watts 8 Watts

Size: (mm)

(*) Other types of external power transformers are available on request

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