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Axel Terminals
Axel Ultra Thin Client Technology
Last Update: 18/01/2007
AXEL has its own research development laboratories and engineers responsible for defining and developing all aspects of Axel products. This permanent and heavy investment in technology enables us to retain total control of the complete product (hardware and software) and sets Axel apart from all other thin-client manufacturers who essentially integrate existing technology from other companies.

The main benefits of "Ultra Thin Client" technology are:

No operating system

The innovative Ultra Thin Client technology from Axel uses ALL the hardware resources for specific thin-client functions and not simply to host an operating system. These functions are:
   • Screen refresh/resolution performance
   • High robustness and availability
   •  No memory fragmentation
   • Totally virus proof

For more information on Axel Ultra Thin Client technology, please see technical article WP0002.

No Embedded Applications

Embedded applications in a terminal are a source of problems, consider the following:
   • Application of regular security upgrades and patches
   • Support and tracking of successive versions of applications
   • after an upgrade more memory may be required to run new version
   • Integrity of functionality: ie two ‘identical’ terminals may behave very differently depending on installed applications and their versions.

The internet browser (eg., Firefox, Netscape...) is the typical example of embedded application which demonstrates all these problems. For more information consult technical article WP0003.

No Local Management

By not having an operating system the set up is massively simplified.
   • no file system or registry,
   • no management of user accounts,
   • new parameter settings are effective immediately (ie no need for reboot),
   • no backup or restore file issues (in the event of reversing a failed software upgrade).

Despite its advanced technology the Axel terminal is managed like a traditional terminal. The set-up is designed to be equally accessible from the terminal or remotely over the network (by telnet).


Other benefits of Axel’s Ultra Thin Clients:
   • fast boot – immediate connection
   • Axel have total control of the product (in term of design, manufacture and maintenance).
   • Reliability and stability guaranteed

Administration software (AxRM) is available free from This Windows software provides complete control and management of a network of terminals.
Main functions: storing configuration data, firmware updates, remote access to the interactive set-up... To download AxRM click here.