AX3000 MODEL 75

Designed and manufactured by AXEL, the AX3000 Terminal allows direct TCP/IP text and graphics connections  to all popular multi-user operating systems: Unix/Linux, AS/400, S/390, Windows, etc.
Main Features
Screen Session Protocols:
   - telnet & tty (ANSI, VT, WYSE60,
      IBM3151, SM9400, ATO300, etc.)
   - telnet 5250
   - telnet 3270
   - VNC
   - RDP

Main Supported Operating Systems:
   - AS/400 iSeries: TN5250
   - S/390 zSeries: TN32270
   - Unix/Linux text mode: telnet & tty
   - Unix/Linux graphical mode: VNC
   - Windows graphical mode: RDP protocol
   Auxiliary Port Protocols:
   - LPD
   - Prt5250 (TN5250E)
   - tty (client & server )
   - telnet (client)
   - rcmd/rsh

Graphical specifications:
   - Maximum resolution: 1280x1024@75Hz
   - Maximum number of colours: 65535
   - DHCP & DDNS support
   - Downloading firmware (BOOTP & TFTP)
   - Remote set-up 
   - Network information available over LAN/WAN
Technical Information 

Rear panel

Rear panel connectors: 
- Male power connect for the AX3000,
- Female power connect for the monitor,
- VGA monitor connector,
- PS/2 keyboard connector,
- PS/2 mouse connector,
- RJ45 serial auxiliary port connector,
- RJ45 serial auxiliary port connector,
- Parallel port connector,
- RJ45 TCP/IP 10/100BaseT connector.
   Weight: 2 Kg
Dimensions: 295x295x30 mm
Consumption (no monitor/keyboard): 8 watts
Power: internal - 110-240V (auto-switch)


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