The first graphics terminal using VNC architecture


 AXEL, after having introduced the first TCP/IP Terminal to attach directly to an Ethernet network have again demonstrated their capacity for innovation by announcing the first terminal to incorporate VNC architecture, the Axel-VNCviewer.

This architecture is developed by AT&T, who in 1999 acquired "Olivetti and Oracle research Lab.", the originator of this project.

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing and is a combination of server software, a communication protocol and a client remote display, called a viewer. VNC allows you to view anywhere on a network a computing desktop environment (X, KDE, GNOME…) running on a server.

The VNC suite is part of the popular open source movement and is based on an open protocol.

The VNC Server Software is available for a number of different operating systems including: Linux, HP-UX, AIX IBM, SCO Unix, Sun Solaris, etc. In total over twenty platforms are supported.

The VNCviewer is a real solution offering 'zero administration' and supports all graphics applications including: internet browser, email, office applications, ERP…

Axel is the first terminal manufacturer to bring to market a VNC terminal. The new Axel VNCviewer also offers all of the Axel terminal functionality such as ANSI, VT220, 5250…

The price of a graphics terminal is key to its success, and the AXEL-VNCviewer is priced similarly to Axel's character based terminals.

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Demo Unit

To borrow an AxelVNCviewer demo unit, email a request to


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