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Thin Client with AS/400
Last Update: 10/03/14

Q1 - Does my AX3000 Support AS400/5250 Connections?
Q2 - How to Change the Keyboard Type (PC or AS/400)?
Q3 - Using the 5250 Keyboard or the PC/AT Keyboard
Q4 - Giving a Name to a Screen Session
Q5 - Using <Memor> and <Exec> with a PC Keyboard?
Q6 - How to Use the Rule Function?

Printer Sessions
I1 - How to Handle a Thin Client's Printer?
I2 - Setting-Up a Printer with the PRT5250 Protocol
I3 - Understanding the "Manufacturer Type and Model" Option
I4 - Connecting Specific Printers (industrial, barcode, etc.)
I5 - How to Create a Printer Driver
I6 - Setting-Up a Printer with the LPD Protocol

M1 - Editing a TCP/IP Trace on AS/400
M2 - How to Connect a Serial Device (scanner, scales, etc....)?
M3 - Transparent Mode: Sending ASCII Data to Session
M4 - IBM API Socket: Addressing Auxiliary Ports through an RPG Program

P1 - In Event of Problems with PRT5250 Printing...
P2 - Disconnection Problems with OS V5R1, V5R2 and V5R3
P3 - Reconnection Problems with OS V5R4

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